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How to use the Thetford Card?
You need a Cashless Betalen® account. If you don't have a Cashless Betalen® account yet, you need to register yourself by clicking Register and follow the steps.

Are you already using Cashless Betalen®?
First log in and press 'Join'.

The Thetford machine
The Thetford machine allows you to empty, rinse and refill your Thetford waste-holding tank with Thetford’s Aqua Kem Blue, all of this fully automatic. Within a couple of minutes the waste-holding tank comes out fresh and ready to use again!

How to pay with your Thetford card?
The Thetford card is one of the methods of payment accepted by the Thetford machine. To be able to use your Thetford card, you first need to register it.

Customer Services
Customer Services can be reached by phone and by e-mail:
Phone: 0900 444 333 6 (€ 0,10 per minute)
E-mail: klantenservice@cashlessbetalen.nl


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